It can be challenging to think clearly or make decisions. It helps to have a professional to walk you through financial options, introduce alternatives, and develop solutions for long-term decisions.

Getting Started

When should I contact a CDFA?

The earlier in the process you meet with a CDFA the better. It is important for the CDFA to understand the whole picture in order to provide the best support. In many cases, the advisor role may be limited in scope depending on the assets and circumstances. In other cases the CDFA may be needed throughout the entire process including testifying at trial if your case cannot be settled.

Stage 1 checklist

  • Think about finances, assets, debt, and cash flow.

  • Employability.

  • Make copies of all pertinent documents.

  • Do you need more education?

  • What are your childcare arrangements?


Timing of the decision to separate is often carefully considered based on the children, financial stability and always your personal safety. You may also want to consult with a therapist in addition to a financial advisor to be sure you are thinking clearly and realistically.

Every divorce is different, but there are basic steps you can take at each stage to ensure success.