Watermark Financial is an experienced team of professionals that partners with family law attorneys in various stages of the divorce process to support you in providing the best possible financial outcomes for your clients.

How we can help

We work with attorneys in traditional litigation situations as well as collaborative and mediated divorce processes. Depending upon you and your clients’ needs, we can help educate your clients and eliminate emotional decision-making, provide projections and analyses, or simply check on proposed financial solutions to confirm they are in your clients’ best interests. Post divorce we offer a complete transition plan to implement the agreement and plan for their stable financial future.


“I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa Turbeville on several occasions. She has excellent people skills as well as technical expertise in the fields of finance and planning for post divorce situations. Her training in the collaborative approach has been of immense assistance in the cases that we have worked
on together.”
Mary K. McDonald, McCarthy, McDonald, Schulberg & Joy
“I’ve referred many clients to Lisa and Katie and unanimously, across the board, my clients are very satisfied. They help them invest retirement funds, and assets received in equitable distribution, they work with them to establish a budget which includes a savings component and they are compassionate in bridging the financial transition from marriage to single. I have found Lisa and Katie to be reliable and knowledgeable in their areas of financial, retirement and tax planning. They work successfully with couples before, during and after a divorce to arrive at the optimum plan for each going forward separately.”
Lea E. Anderson, Goehring, Rutter & Boehm
“Lisa Turbeville is a pleasure to work with and has a skill set that enhances the lawyer’s job in both the collaborative law process and in the litigation arena.”
Bernadette M. Staroschuck, Margolis Edelstein
“Lisa Turbeville provides a priceless service to family lawyers. Her expertise in financial planning and taxation issues is crucial to almost every family law case. I breathe easier knowing she is on my side.”
Effie Alexander, Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote

Expert advice at any stage.